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Самые красивые/интересные актрисы Ю. Кореи

Kim Tae-Hee
01A Kim Tae-Hee 4906 01B Kim Tae-Hee bscap0031

01C Kim Tae-Hee ehee24 01D Kim Tae-Hee hee11
Han Go-eun
02A Han Go-eun Cvetochek - bscap f (5) 02B Han Go-eun Cvetochek - bscap f (11)

02C Han Go-eun VLC_2017-1k 02D Han Go-eun VLC_2017-12-08 (1)
Wang Ji-hye
03A Wang Ji-hye  bscap48 (1) 04B Wang Ji-hye  bscapff (1)

04C Wang Ji-hye  bscapff (2) 04D Wang Ji-hye  VLC_2018-0 (1)

04E Wang Ji-hye VLC_20r94 (2)
05A Yoon_Eun-Hye PT B bsc (3) 05B Yoon_Eun-Hye PT B bsc
Yo In NA
06A Yo In NA 2017-10-21-15h18m02s109 (1) 06E Yoo In Na VLC_2018-01-03s43 (1)

07B Yoo In NA bscap ew (3) 07C Yoo In NA bscap ew (9)

07D Yoo In Na VLC_2018-01-0l
Lee So Yeon
08A Lee So Yeon VLC_2017-12-01 08B Lee So Yeon VLC_2017-12-e (2)

08C Lee So Yeon VLC_2017-12-e (3) 08D Lee So Yeon WO2A6Fbs (3)
Kim So-hyun
10A Kim So-hyun bscap003 (1) 10B Kim So-hyun bscap0123

10C Kim So-hyun VLC_2017-11-16
Lee Da-hae
11A Lee Da-hae bscap0203 (3) 11B Lee Da-hae Hotel Kaps (1)

11C Lee Da-hae IYu02 11D Lee Da-hae My Girl CPSA (4)
Park Hee-Bon
12A Park Hee-Bon LeeJongHyuk_ParkHeeBon1 12B Park Hee-Von b441b7d20fb

12C Park Hee-Von bscap dk (6)
Son Ye-jin
13A Son Ye-jin bscap dw 13B Son Ye-jin PT VLC_2018-01- (2)
Song Hye Kyo
14A Song Hye Kyo acbscap0004 (2) 14B Song Hye Kyo Winter bscap0048 (1)
Jung Soo-Jung
15A Jung Soo-Jung 26f15b7f8d_hq 15B Jung Soo-Jung VLC_2017 (7)

15C Jung Soo-Jung VLC_2017 (10)
Kang So-Ra
16A Kang So-Ra 8ibR 16B Kang So-Ra 244_937659
Kim Hye Soo
17A Kim Hye Soo VLC_20tre (1) 17B Kim Hye Soo VLC_20tre
Gong Hyo-jin
18 Gong Hyo-jin pers-pretty-734941553
Miho Nakayama
19 Miho Nakayama 02
Han Da Min
20 Han Da Min WOzachem bs (3)
Moon Chae-won
21A Moon Chae-won 7w9i 22B Moon Chae-Won bscap0010

22C Moon Chae-won default 22D Moon Chae-won My Fair lady 7e2130a2
Sherming Yiu
23A Sherming Yiu  Мой парень-вампир4 bscap (1) 23B Sherming Yiu  Мой парень-вампир4 bscap (3)
Lee Eon Jeong
24A Lee Eon Jeong bscap0047 (1)
Lee Min-jung
24A Lee Min-jung 40m18s225 24B Lee Min-jung VLC_2017-12-s75

24B MG bscap0063 (8)
Sung Na-Jung
25 Sung Na-Jung swer18-00001
Seo Hyun-Jin
26A Seo Hyun-Jin - Oh Hae Yeong VLC17 (1) 27B Seo Hyun-Jin - Oh Hae Yeong VLC17 (4)
Jo Yoon-hee
28 Jo Yoon-hee p0044
Park Bo-yeong
29 Park Bo-yeong o-young-korean-actresses
Park Si Yeon
30 Park Si Yeon bscap0047
Uhm Jung Hwa
31 Uhm Jung Hwa 08b905caa36e25
Jung Ryeo Won
32 Jung Ryeo Won 23bd6
Kim Hee Jung
33 Kim Hee Jung 1970 gr 45Y VLC_2017- (2)
34 kim-seul-gi
Kim Ye-Won
35 Kim Ye-Won dvoinik
Из "Башня фантазий"
36 Башня фантазий 09_d54b26205949
Kim Bo-Tong (IU), Аленка
37 Kim Bo-Tong Alenka - VLC_2018- (3) 37 Kim Bo-Tong Alenka - VLC_2018- (5)
Tags: актеры, корея

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